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AnyConnect 4.6 Released – Download Here

Cisco has released Cisco AnyConnect 4.6. Feel free to download it below. While I no longer work with Cisco gear as my primary job and have moved to the AWS/DevOps side of IT, I still have access to the AnyConnect images for the time being. I don’t know how long this will last, but i’ll… Read More »

AnyConnect 4.5

Hi all, I have not utilized this blog in a long time.  My career has advanced to a point where I am working with primarily CCNP/CCIE level technology and automation with Python (Networking/DevOps).  I will begin posting more as I continue my studies in this area.  In the meantime, allow me to start up this… Read More »

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AnyConnect 4.0 Released

The latest AnyConnect clients have been released from Cisco, version 4.0.00048.   The following Operating Systems are no longer supported in this latest release, so be careful before downloading or deploying these: Windows Vista and XP Mac OS X 10.6 Ubuntu 9, 10, 11 RHEL 5.x All Linux 32-bit platforms— As of AnyConnect 4.0, Linux… Read More »

Using ACLs in NX-OS

As usual, the same guidelines apply: You need at least one permit since there is always an implicit deny. The order matters. The global lists are first created then need to be assigned to a purpose. They will either recognize traffic and let it serve the purpose or prevent it from serving its purpose. One… Read More »

NX-OS – Layer 2 Redudancy

Layer 2 redundancy protocols exist to prevent loops from broadcasts and do so using BPDU packets.  These protocols include: STP – Spanning Tree Protocol – 802.1D RSTP – Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol – 802.1W MSTP – Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol  – 802.1S LAN Port Channeling – Also known as EtherChannels to bind multiple ports together.… Read More »

Latest Cisco AnyConnect release (As of 2013-12-30)

Here are the latest AnyConnect packages for Windows/Linux/Mac. These are all stand alone installers and can not be used via Web Deploy: Linux Stand Alone Installer Linux 64-bit Stand Alone Installer Windows Stand Alone Installer Mac Stand Alone Installer Here are the Web Deploy packages for Windows and Mac: Windows Web Deploy Mac Web Deploy

Latest Cisco AnyConnect releases (As of 2013-10-31)

These are the latest Cisco AnyConnect releases which support Windows 8.1, OS X Mavericks (10.9) and various Linux Distro’s.  I have attached both the web installers and the installers themselves.  The web installers can only be used when uploaded to a firewall for users to download:   anyconnect-win-3.1.04072-pre-deploy-k9.msi anyconnect-macosx-i386-3.1.04072-k9.dmg anyconnect-predeploy-linux-3.1.04072-k9.gz AnyConnect Web Installers

Recover the boot image on a Cisco ASA Firewall

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the OS gets corrupted or you accidentally wipe out an old OS bin file and reboot before adding the new one, welcome to boot looping.  When you are prompted to interrupt the boot loop, do so by pressing Esc or Break.  From here you will be… Read More »