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Routing in the Data Center

Types of Routes: Direct Route – Directly attached to the router interface. Static Route – Used to tell your router statically where to direct traffic: ip route Meaning can be reached via  This can be confirmed by viewing the routing table with: show ip route Dynamic Route – Determined using a… Read More »

Cisco EIGRP Concepts and Configuration

EIGRP is the best routing protocol around IF all of your routers are Cisco (which they probably won’t be).  That being said, it’s still good to know how to use it: Here are the benefits of EIGRP: Backup routes are remembered and allow fast convergence called DUAL (Defused Update ALgorithm)  Simple configuration Flexibility in summarization… Read More »

Cisco: OSPF Configuring and Troubleshooting

Configuring OSPF: Lets start with our first router which will also be our ASBR (Autonomous System Border Router) which advertises our internet connection to the other routers: no router rip – kills RIP on your router router ospf 1 – This enables OSPF on process ID 1 (which process ID to use) network… Read More »