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OSI Model Information

Application (Away) Presentation (Pizza) Session (Sausage) Transport (Throw) UDP/TCP Windowing Segments (Name of packet at this level) Sequencing Network (Not) Packets IP Addresses/Logical Addressing Routing Data Link (Do) Mac Addresses/Physical Addressing Switching Physical (Please)  Network Card Physical Wire

Cisco Switches – Starting from scratch

This is meant to be a review of my previous blogs 1)  Wipe out existing configs: erase startup-config – erases the startup configuration.  In some devices this command is delete instead of erase. reload – reboot the device then select “no” when asked to save. On boot, skip the config wizard. 2)  Add passwords and… Read More »

Cisco – File Management

This is a simple tutorial demonstrating how to manage files within your Cisco device and how to move files to/from. Cisco devices contain 4 memory components: RAM – Volitale!  Super fast though and it’s what decisions get made from.  This is where the running config is held. NVRAM – Non Volitale (NV) but not quite… Read More »

Cisco – Optimizing and Troubleshooting Switches

If you have Full and Half duplex mismatches because you have it set to auto, it may be causing people to experience “slowness” (much more than just running at half duplex due to collisions which should never happen on a switch).  All ports should be directly configured: enable config t interface fastethernet 0/2 duplex half… Read More »