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Schedule Captures with Wireshark

First off, you will need to install Wireshark on the server.  Once this is installed you can create a scheduled task in Windows with the following settings (feel free to modify these however you’d like): C:\Program Files\Wireshark\dumpcap.exe -i “Local Area Connection” -f “tcp port 5022” -b filesize:50000 -a files:10 -w c:\captures\ServerName-failover.pcap If you put the above… Read More »

Active Directory Maintenance

Restoring Users: When restoring users you must do an Authoritative restore otherwise the versions of the deleted user will be higher than the version of the restored user so when things replicate it will just become deleted again.  By making it authoritative, the restore process adds 100,000 to the version number to ensure the other… Read More »

MySQL Tuner Script for Windows

This is a port of the MySQL tuner script for use on Windows Servers.  Download this .exe and run it.  Don’t worry, you can trust meh 😉 MySQLTuner-0.6

How to lock down Coldfusion Securely

As of late, Adobe and Java have been getting pummeled with 0 day exploits leading to numerous hacks and compromised servers.  In light of this Adobe has taken the position that if you get hacked and did not follow the 60+ page guide it’s your own fault.  Well, if you’re interested in keeping CF Secure,… Read More »

Bind IPs to Windows from a Command Line

This is extremely useful when adding a large amount of IPs to a NIC since the GUI can be cumbersome to add more than a couple IPs. Open a command prompt (you may need to run it as administrator) and run the following netsh command: netsh in ip add address “Local Area Connection”… Read More »