Restoring Hope

This video is dedicated to my wonderful mother. In the early 1940’s, my Grandfather gave my Grandmother a cedar hope chest that became very sentimental to the family. When my Aunt passed away my Mom thought it was lost forever. The chest was in terrible shape & had been rotting on the front porch of the house for quite some time. Knowing the importance of the chest, my cousins decided to get together to retrieve the chest from New York, bring it down to Maryland, & restore it by hand to give to my Mom around New Years 2014. The following video is a short tribute to this story, documenting my loving family that came together to deliver this to my Mother. A big thanks to Steve Wilczek & Rob & Nancy Devore for making this happen. Without you guys the chest would’ve been lost forever & a women who has brought so much love & happiness to this family would’ve lost a highly treasured family heirloom that will remain with us forever. We love you all!

Restoring the Hope Chest – dedicated to Linda Fatkin and family