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Useful/Common Git commands

Below are the commands I use for committing to a develop repository, merging to master, tagging the push, etc. Before running these commands, be sure to update any README.md, CHANGELOG.md, and package.json/requirements.txt/etc. files in the repository documenting your change. Also, tagging the push is necessary so a release can be defined in GitHub. The tag… Read More »

Useful/Common Docker Commands

Sample Dockerfile Most used image build sample commands Most used container running sample commands Most used networking sample commands Common data persistence sample commands Sharing data between containers sample commands Entrypoint sample commands (for script running on container start) Docker cleanup commands docker-compose.yaml sample file Sample docker-compose commands To run Docker interactively if entrypoint fails,… Read More »

Creating your entire WordPress Stack using AWS Cloudformation – Part 2 – Security Groups (Firewalls)

In case you missed my last post, I am starting a series on creating/developing an entire WordPress stack from scratch. In Part 1, we discussed creating the underlying Network VPC infrastructure that will host your cluster. The VPC was unique from most templates I’ve seen, since it also included the ability to run dual stack… Read More »