Winsock Reset

By | February 25, 2014

If you ever encounter weird Networking issues on the Windows OS that you can’t explain (i.e. network connections getting out to  a web page and response returning but the OS doesn’t process it correctly) and disabling/re-enabling the NIC and uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers doesn’t help, a winsock reset may be exactly what you need.  A Winsock reset will blow away and repair the related networking settings.  I’ve seen this fix problems with viruses, uninstalling 3rd party firewalls, VPN clients, etc. that “broke” network connections in weird ways.  This is the command to run:

netsh winsock reset

Once you run this command, you will get a prompt letting you know it was successful and need to reboot.  Make sure you do so and when it comes back up all your networking weirdness should be gone.